The printed version of this book was created with LaTeX from extended LaTeX sources with the help of a preprocessor written in Scheme. The preprocessor handles extensions for incorporating arbitrary verbatim Scheme code and various other features not directly supported by LaTeX.

The HTML version was created from the preprocessed sources for the printed version by a separate Scheme program that performs a LaTeX to HTML conversion. In addition to the extended LaTeX source files, this program takes as input the .aux and .bbl files produced by a complete LaTeX/BibTeX run of the document in order to support labels and page references in the text, summary of forms, and index. As it runs, the program produces a .haux file containing urls for the labels, bibliographic entries, and index entries; as with LaTeX, a second run of the program is needed to achieve proper cross-referencing.

Most of the images and certain mathematical formulas included in the HTML version were produced with the help of LaTeX, dvips, ghostscript, and various programs from the netpbm library.