Cisco Systems Public MIB Area

Various Public Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management information bases (MIBs) from Cisco Systems.

Usage Guidelines

The suggested way to retrieve the MIBs applicable to the Cisco products that you wish to manage is as follows:

  1. For each product, download and open the desired Support List file:
    • supportlists/[product]/supportlist.txt
    • supportlists/[product]/supportlist.html (Download. Then open locally.)
      • e.g:
      • Tip: Replace in any saved URL with to view in the Browser.
  2. Determine which MIBs each product supports from the retrieved file.
    • Consult the v2/readme or v1/readme file for brief descriptions of the functionality provided by each MIB.
  3. Retrieve all MIBs which provide the functionality you are interested in, and are applicable to the Cisco products you wish to support.

Directory Structure

Other Notes